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How It Works

how it works

If you are keen in selling your Charlotte, NC home to Sell Your Home Right Now, then be assured to get the right deal.  From making a decision on the list price to closing the final deal, our responsibility is to ensure each and every aspect of the sale process run smoothly. In fact, working with us is very simple! All you need to do is:

• Call us at 980.292.3733 (free) or fill out our contact form to provide us some simple info regarding your home.

• We will have our real estate expert in your area contact you instantly to plan a trip to your property.

• Our real-estate experts will visit your Charlotte, NC property individually, explicate the procedure of selling your property, answer all your queries, and assess your house’s condition, prior to making a reasonable, no-obligation offer to buy your house for cash. Accepting our offer is all up to you.

• If you like our offer, we will set up a closing generally inside 7 days. We will pay cash for your property, disburse all typical closing costs and you will get out of your ugly property fast. That is the whole process.

Call us now if you want see your Charlotte, NC home gets sold as soon as possible!


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