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What distinguishes us from real estate agents?

Real-estate agents list your home or property in the real-estate market when you think to sell. This is a lengthy practice where your property takes a long period to be sold. Furthermore, you’re subjected to promotion expenses despite of the selling condition and also you’ve to disburse a commission to the real estate agents once the property sold. However, at Sell Your Home Right Now, we’ve our own network of professionals that’ll purchase homes instantly offering you fast cash and the best part is we don’t ask you for any commission.

When is the best time to sell my Charolette, NC home?

There’re so many strong opinions on when to sell your Charlotte, NC home, but frankly, you should do it when you are prepared. Great selling tactics will get your home sold anytime of the year. Some periods of the year may notice an influx in purchasers, but if other property owners know that, you will also encounter similar rivalry. So, it’s advisable to sell your home when you feel ready.

What type of homes do you purchase?

Sell Your Home Right Now will buy a range of homes throughout Charlotte, NC, including condos, single family homes, duplexes, townhomes and more. We also buy commercial property.

Will you buy my property if it is in bad condition?

Absolutely yes! We buy property, regardless of its condition.

How quickly you can settle and pay me cash?

Unlike the traditional real estate agents, we don’t take too much time to settle a case. We will take maximum one week to close a deal for you.

Will you pay a reasonable price for my Charlotte, NC home?

Just as every property owner’s situation is unique, so the procedure in which we decide what a property value for your property might be. Regardless of its condition and legal issue, we try to make sure your property gets sold at the best possible rate.

Do I need to repair my property before selling?

No, we’ll buy the home in its “as-is” condition. You don’t need to make any repair to sell it us.

Do you buy mobile homes?

Yes we do!

Who can use our service?

Anybody, including those that:
• Are facing foreclosure
• Those who want to move
• Want to sell a property fast for immediate cash
• Want to get rid of an ugly house
• Those who don’t want to tolerate the traditional real-estate agents


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